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need more?

¿necesitas o requieres un tema en particular? si es alrededor de álgebra multilineal, anímate a interaccionar. También tenemos topología de dimensiones bajas y más…

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math machiliztli = matiliztli

machiliztli is knowledge

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prejuicio: las matemáticas son difíciles

este chavito mexicano llamado Irving Calderón así piensa; sigue esta  liga para leer más de su aventura con las matemáticas…

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facts about sleep, work and mind

what is the better time to study? certainly not at the 7:00 a.m. … that had been scientifically proved, where? well, that is your homework.

My personal experience had showed me, for example, that if someone is attending to the algebra moderna’s  class at 7:00 a.m. then  it is hugely probable you are not gonna make it!

Let me copy from supermemo the following passage:

Myth: It is best to wake up with the sun.

Fact: You should wake up at the time when your body decides it got enough of sleep. If this happens to be midday, a curtain over the window will prevent you from being woken up by the sun. At the same time sun may help you reset your body clock and help you wake up earlier. People who wake up naturally with the sun are indeed among the healthiest creatures on the planet. However, if you do not wake up naturally before 4 am, trying to do so with the help of an alarm clock will only add misery to your life

So, why the rush if our mind is in danger?

When the in-desk-designers of schedule-activities gonna adapt for this fata morgana of believe: wake up early to profit the day

This is not a minor subject

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wikipedia project

I am one of the many peoples who believe that some day things like the wikipedia: on line source of information, would come to be  (one of)  the major sources of all human knowledge in any subject. This can be inferred seeing its rate of growing.

But in englsih!

Poor of any other language which it doesn’t match its level of complexity with respect to math. In the anglo-tongue this is, i would say, almost 100%. This isn’t true for idioms like any other of latin origins. They gonna be always behind and less useful, inaccurate. And that gonna be the case meanwhile a bunch of administrative unsavvy geek assholes continue ruling instead of experts, who might let them free to improve accordingly, as in english is happening…

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on intellectual attitude for a math career

Recently, I was invited to give a welcome-talk to the new alumni incorporated to the licenciatura of mathematics in the Departament of Maths at CUCEI. Here I write a modified version trying to include some things left in the inkbottle.

The fundamental maths are

  • mathematical logic
  • set theory
  • category theory

which you are learning or going to learn and aimed to give local and global estructure to each theory developed here in math.

But the basic (or pures)  are:

  • algebra (formal and operational features inter objects, in and inter set of objects, in and inter categories of objects. Estructures: groupoids, semigroups, groups, rings, fields, vector spaces, modules, algebras, Lie groups and Lie algebras,… )
  • analysis (math on the limits phenomena, con- and di- vergence, math of measures, optimization, change and direction of change,…)
  • geometry (euclidean spaces, abstract-reality, proto-physics, abstract spaces, distance, metric, relativity,..)
  • equations (O.D.E., P.D.E., I.E., dynamical systems, chaos, evolution, prediction, simulation,…)
  1. to what? Response: to make stronger the abstract vision or perception of reality!
  2. where is topology? Response: among all these four!
  3. what are they good for? Response: to abstract as many as kinds of math structures or phenomena!
  4. can be applied? Response: they are endo-applied to themselves, but due that applied maths are source of  many could-be-abstracted-maths then it isn’t strange that those applications of basic-maths are greatly appreciated and rewarded!
  5. may anybody make a living on this knowledge? Response: yes, just look and seek at the right directions: universities, research institutions, science schools, industry, business, goverment,…
  6. are educative-mathematics, mathematics? Response: no way! there is not a single known theorem. At most conform a body of disorganized psychological statements about mind processes from as many as diverse cultures or countries in the world are.

Of course, those question need a more elaborated answers and only reflect part of my ignorance’s state of affairs. however once enunciated everyone should seek its own internal one, even formulate new.

The elementary maths are those that every-living-one should masters to be well equiped to solve every-day-challenges and business until the first year in a licenciatura, these maths are for any living brain. Even engineers should or could grasp. Those persons who think that learning how to transmit elementary maths they are going to live a intellectual paradise of math gonna find themselves in a struggle with may others which feel themselves mathematicians  but far from modern-beautiful-ones, poor little minds! they’re gonna suffer the curse of repeat the most boring part of a teaching career. It is better try to learn good level of math to gain access to better intellectual goals.


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