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a GPS for a surface to do calculus on it


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which is my math-exposition style? graffiti i believe, oh yeah! I’d thought that I had implemented a big not graffitimath1formal math’s transmission method highly effective, hugely rich, extremely motivating.  It consists in all available colors graffiting hieroglyphs from anywhere you think it works, to make understand your audience, in one hand, and in the other, the use of webplaces or websites where texts are cleanly and formaly written, I would add that those texts must be  thoroughly  TeX-ly assembled and dvi-ly or pdf-ly displayed. Of course you gotta have a total mastery of the subject  to be transmited, taking care of don’t show any minimal amount of hesitation or doubt, and yes:  perhaps always including one, two or three simple jokes. Encourage questioning by asking  yourself and the  listeners. Ask for a completation of calculations and go to check their notebooks. All those components help to avoid the use of  boring  lectures like vile – dull witted dictations from a book (or something equivalent) through the black- (green- or white-)  board. Giancarlo Rotta once recommended to be reasonable repetitive. Do more an atelier rather than a sleepy speech… Do you like the idea?


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