si andas por aquí sugiere que debo escribir para hacerte entender la noción de tensor.Covariant and Contravariant description of tensors from Spiegel's book

Mientras dejame presumir que en el en.wiki no ha borrado mi sugerencia que yo llamó: la observación Enstein-Penrose:

… But, be aware that: notations like  A^j_iv^j are somewhat misleading, then they are refined to {A^j}_iv_j to keep track of which is column and which is row. In the notations: , the index j (the first index) is row, and the index i (the second index) is column…

la liga es a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein_notation#Multiplication_of_a_vector_by_a_matrix que recientemente coloqué allá.

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