On groupoids

On groupoids,


ACL is going to write somezing we are working. Fragen comme: 

  1. … is a generalization of the group concept?
  2. no, is not!
  3. is an alg-structure X with an binary operation in a strictly proper subset.
  4. i.e. \exists A\subsetneq X and a \Phi : A\to A such that \Phi has inverses,
  5. that is \forall a_1\in A,\exists a_2\in A such that \Phi(a_1,a_2)=e
  6. a bundle F\subset E\to B?
  7. a F-bundle over a manifold?
  8. abstracts the homotopy class theory of paths and loops in a topo-space pra ensamblesse o Poincare`e grouppat
  9. carry-u la Bass-Serre techniques for 1d and 2d,  simplexes and complexes
  10. selon Ronald Brown heretical  against the reign of gruppats
  11. selon le grouppoidificatzión et spectral-categoirificatzione de juan báez de irvine califorña

meanwhile his homework is to amalgamate strategic subgroupoids of any surface to get the fundamental \pi_1


 REF 1  John Báez: usar control-f to locate groupoidification 

REF2 Ronald Brown: Groupoids in Maths

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