a’lgebra multilineal (with real calculus): synoptic view

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trompehtambién mucha geometría :D

Abstract Multilinear Algebra
Multilinear Algebra  of Inner Product Spaces
Calculus in \mathbb{R}^n
Algebraic Differential Geometry
  • Parameterizations: curves and surfaces
  • Tangent vectors, tangent space, tangent bundle
  • Curves in \mathbb{R}^2 and \mathbb{R}^3 and on surfaces in \mathbb{R}^3
  • Surfaces in \mathbb{R}^3
    1. all classical surfaces rendered
    2. tangent space change of basis
    3. vector fields and tensor fields
    4. Christoffel’s symbols (connection coefficients)
    5. Curvatures (Gaussian, Mean, Principals, Normal and Geodesic)
  • Integration: Gauss-Bonnet, Stokes


(topological, differential, analytic, anti-analytic, aritmetic,…)

Examples: Lie groups and Fiber bundles

Among the many things that I would like to tell is about the role that unfolds modern math in the way we see nature and social  phenomena today, right now

I am always wondering what would it be to have the best techniques and tools to solve problems

Certainly the tools could be too complex

but about the generalization of calculus, geometry and linear algebra, which amalgamate into differential geometry, it isn’t yet that much too complex that a modern learner could be reaching at his-her  early age.

Think, it is about 130 year ago that vector analysis was incorporated to the engineering schools, but 170 years ago that someone thought about the posibility of abstract algebraic-geometric structures

Yes, the grassmann construction

So, do you still going to allow to teach you spoil teachers and habits to reach the tools to do  real advances to the today knowledge?

References: Grassmann , Gibbs , Heaviside



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    Hi, how are you? I hope you do well. I needed to say that I like a’lgebra multilineal (with real calculus): synoptic view | juanmarqz.

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    “Undergraduate Lecture Notes in De Rham–Hodge Theory”

    Vladimir G. Ivancevic∗ Tijana T. Ivancevic

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