Category theory, the axiomatic-deductive knowledge about structures and the relation among them, has became a standar fashion to organize maths aujourd’hui.


There are also relations inter categories, zumbeispiel, a function TOPO\to GP that assigns to each X arc-connected space its fundamental group \pi_1(X)

SET conjuntos aplicaciones
GP grupos homomorfismos
EV espacios vectoriales transformaciones lineales
TOPO espacios topológicos funciones continuas
RING anillos homomorfismos de anillos
FIELD campos homomorfismos de campos
MON monoides homomorfismos de monoides
sGP semigrupos homomorfismos de semigrupos
GPDE grupoides homomorfismos de grupoides

JOKES graffiti


; |

bilinear form


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