I enjoy deeply doing topology, algebra, analysis, but also apply differential geometry to my amusement.

ciencias exactas logo
ciencias exactas logo

Obviamente CE es ciencias exactas.

También es el primero en CE OME YEI

interesantes aquí en WP:

otras versiones del álgebra multilineal y geometría diferencial

álgebra en moodle cucei 2009B

checa mis pruebas de HTML

Anywhere of mine

Curious things



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  2. c-qit

    mega tera giga yotta hella

  3. c-qit

    sin flechas hasta:

    Click to access S0002-9904-1939-07100-0.pdf

    este es un artículo de geomtría diferencial de los 30’s que no usa flechas para indicar maps… ¿es el último?

  4. ma

    Click to access S0273-0979-07-01167-6.pdf

    E. Witten‘s for the academic explainings of the Landau-Ginzburg model, involves superconductivity, 4-manifolds and weak interactions…

  5. kiep

    N3 ⊂ E → S1

  6. c-qit


    … In this work the researchers, for the first time, attest that monopoles exist as emergent states of matter, i.e. they emerge from special arrangements of dipoles and are completely different from the constituents of the material. However, alongside this fundamental knowledge, Jonathan Morris explains the further meaning of the results: „We are writing about new, fundamental properties of matter. These properties are generally valid for materials with the same topology, that is for magnetic moments on the pyrochlore lattice. For the development of new technologies this can have big implications. Above all it signifies the first time fractionalisation in three dimensions is observed”…

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