reciprocal Catalan numbers

the subject that gives the grade of B.Sc. to my ex-pupil and friend, was originated making a conjecture that in less than of a month we will know how to demonstrate the formula in

but we were even able of finding a generating function for them

Congratulations David!

… this function is:

or \frac{2\sqrt{4-x}(8+x)+12\sqrt{x}\arctan{\frac{\sqrt{x}}{\sqrt{4-x}}}}{\sqrt{(4-x)^5}}


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4 responses to “reciprocal Catalan numbers

  1. juanmarqz buen trabajo, soy david.

    ¡Estamos en contacto!.

  2. k-mat

    what about 3,7,15,23,39,47,71,87,111,127,…

    id:A171503 at

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