something addictive? MO

i had  been a bit distant from here (WP) ‘cuz i am knowing  the mathoverflow. It is really cool website, cruel because not every quizz is recieved it with politeness, however it is useful if your aims are high. I fully recommend it.

There, you could be attended by really top mathematicians in almost any subject.

In these pass 10 days i had been greatly benefited in the sense that i unblocked some of  several troubles with my researches and i found strong motives to not give up, why? well i found others who sing almost the same tunes that i sing… 


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  1. let me be little bit arrogant for

    “(I) would like to add that the grasping of the fundamental sense for these objects and properties, are implanted around the generalization of calculus: differential forms and its applications…”

    awarded with the badge nice answer:

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